What is the GreenTree Sportsplex?

We are an 83,000 square foot temperature-controlled facility with indoor turf fields, courts, hitting baseball/softball tunnel, fitness center and dance/yoga studio. You can rent space by the hour, become a member of our fitness center, play pickleball, join a sports league, play pickup soccer, participate in our summer camps, grab a snack from of Gatorade café, find a personal trainer, see a chiropractor, join the martial arts studio, start your own fitness class or host a party! Come in for a tour and see everything we have to offer.

Gatorade Café

Open for major events  

Beverage, snacks, chips, beef sticks, protein bars, breakfast sandwiches, hot pockets, ice cream and candy available at all times at the front desk.  

Tenants located in the building


Parking at the Sportplex is free. There is a turnabout drop off area next to the main entrance, but there is limited parking in this main lot.

There is additional parking next to our bubble dome field and a staircase that connects the parking lot to the main building entrance. (To access this lot, please pull into the doubletree hotel back parking lot) Sportsplex guests are allowed to park in this lot at any time.

There is also additional parking next to the Sportsplex in the Chaffin Luhana lot, but Sportsplex guests are only allowed to park in the section closest to the Sportsplex. There are signs, so you will know which section you can and cannot park in. Sportsplex guests are only allowed to pack in this lot on weekends and after 5:30pm on weekdays.