Adult Soccer Leagues & Pick-Up

2 Hour Pick-Up Soccer Available

Mondays 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Wednesdays 8:00pm – 10:00pm
$5/per person – Must prepay and preregister online
Max count: 21 players

Please note: No pickup available on August 1st | 3rd | 8th | 10th

*Pick-up Soccer will be on the session schedule in burnt orange, click on the day you would like to attend, register, and purchase a package.

2 Hour Pick-Up Volleyball Available

Fridays 8:00pm – 10:00pm
$5/per person – Must prepay and preregister online
Max Count: 14 per court

Fridays 6:00pm – 8:00pm and 8:00pm – 10:00pm
6-8pm Recreational

Note: Pick-up Volleyball will be on the session schedule in blue, click on the day you would like to attend, register, and purchase a package.

Co-ed Soccer League

Start Date: Thursday, July 14th 2022

Number of Games: 8 + 3 playoff games

Game times: 6pm | 7pm | 8pm | 9pm

(Teams will rotate start times each week)

Price: $125/per player (sign up individually)

When you register – Let us know if you are a Free Agent or Your Team Name

Registration closed on July 13th

Minimum on a team – 6 players
Maximum on a team – 12 players

Soccer Rules:

Field of play: Fitness Field (42×40 yards)
Ball: A regulation size 5 soccer ball

Teams shall have a max of 12 players rostered and a minimum of 6 players on roster.
Coed League, it is required that there are 2 female players on the field at all times
If you cannot have 2 females on a field you will have to play with 4 players, one of which must be a female until you are able to field a full team for the Coed League
Games are 5v5 (6 with a keeper)
Games will be two – 24-minute halves with a three-minute halftime.

Games run on a 1-hour interval
Games will be played on the Fitness Field.
No roster add-ons allowed after week 5. Exceptions may be granted if needed at the league manager’s discretion.
Games can start with a minimum of 4 players on the field.
Kickoffs start in the middle circle and the game starts on first touch.
First team listed on the schedule is the visiting team and will receive the ball first. At half, the home team will receive the ball.
If your team passes the ball back to the goalie, the goalie can NOT pick the ball up. If a goalie touches the ball with their hand, an indirect kick will result.

Penalty kicks will be taken from designated penalty kick marks (Center of top of the box).
Opposing players must be 5 yards from direct and indirect free kick unless taken quickly
Opposing players must be 2 yards from a kick in from the sidelines
Handling or fouls inside the box will result in a penalty kick.
Indirect kick-ins from the sidelines on out of play.
No offsides
Sliding is permitted if no one is around.
No metal cleats. Only soccer cleats, tennis shoes, or indoor turf shoes allowed.
Standard corner kick rules, anyone can kick.
No punts or drop kicks over half after a goalie possesses the ball
Subbing on the fly, no limit to how many subs your team makes.
Ball touches/hits the ceiling, indirect kick from the spot of the foul for the opposing team.
Red cards will result in your team man down (4 field players plus goal keeper) for 5 minutes and the player who received the card is disqualified from the game. Player must leave the facility immediately.

Red Card MAY also result in a fine/suspension/ban. An appeal may be made with the league manager. The player that received the red card and the captain must come to the appeal. If one of them is missing the appeal will not be heard.
Regular Season games that are tied at full time will result in a tie.
Playoff’s overtime will consist of one – 5-minute period if tied after regulation
If tied after the overtime period, there will be a 5-player shootout.
Two girls must be listed in first five to kick. If tied after 5 players it will be 1 additional player for each team until a winner is decided.

Players can only attempt a pk once until all players have kicked. At that point when everyone has gone you may restart the line up from the beginning in the same order as the first time through. The goalie can choose to shoot for their team. The goalie will be the goalie from the end of the regulation play.
Reduce to equate in effect.
Treat all referees with respect and understand that they have final say on a call.

Teams can be suspended or banned from the facility at the discretion on the league manager. Any fighting intentions will result in this.
A punch being thrown during a game is considered a fighting intention.

Post-game actions in the parking lot are also in this category. Threats are considered in this category as well.

Everyone must sign a waiver before each season. If the waiver is not signed then the individual will not play. Waiver is signed online when registering.
Pay is due at registration!

Additional Information:

Everyone will receive the same email once a week that includes which teams are playing each other and what time.

  • Before the league starts, we will send out an email asking who the team captain is for each team.
  • Shirts will be handed out to the individual (unless the captain requests all the shirts at once) at the front desk before the first game on July 14th. If you cannot attend the first game, we will hold on to your shirt until you pick it up.
  • Bring a light and dark shirt to every game (as a backup to help the refs.
  • If less than 6 people sign up for the same team you will be asked if you want to become a free agent or if you want a receive a refund.
  • If more than 9 players sign up for a team, everyone on that team will receive a cash refund when they pick up their shirt. (since more players mean less playing time)

Example of how this will work: If 12 people are signed up for one team, everyone will receive $30 cash back.
Second Example: If 10 people are signed up for one team, everyone will receive $12 cash back.

SUBBING NOTE: If you paid the $125 and you cannot attend a game, a sub can sign up online for free to take your place. (Subs must register online and let us know who they are subbing for prior to the game.) If you are adding someone to your team for just one game, they will need to pay the $15.00. (Preregister online)

What the winners receive!

  • There will be a Championship Trophy! It will be displayed at the front desk at the GreenTree SportsPlex. Championship team name will be engraved on it.
  • Winners will also receive a Championship T-shirt.
  • There will also be a Golden Boot winner. | Player with the most goals in the season, including playoffs will be awarded the ‘Golden Boot’ trophy and their name will be engraved on this trophy and receive a 1-year membership to the GreenTree SportsPlex Fitness Center.