EV Charging Station

Unveiling Greentree’s First Public DC Fast Charger

To kickstart the charging process, drive up to the DC fast charger at Greentree Sportsplex, plug in and scan the QR code, it’s that simple. If you prefer, you can pay directly with a credit card as well. The user-friendly payment system ensures a seamless experience without the need for additional apps.

1)  Rapid Charging: With an area leading 100kW charging speed, our DC fast charger delivers swift charging to minimize downtime, keeping your electric vehicles charged up and on the road.

2) Seamless Transactions: Embracing efficiency, our charger features an app-less payment solution, ensuring a quick and straightforward initiation process. Plug in, charge up, and get back on the road without any unnecessary complications.

3) Central Location: Strategically located at the Greentree Sportsplex, This charger provides easy accessibility for your fleet. The rapid charging speed will have you charged up and ready to go in no time! However, you are always invited to come in for a snack or a cup of coffee while you wait.

4) Affordability: Not only does the Greentree Sportsplex provide the fastest charger within the Boro, it is also the most affordable across all of Pittsburgh. A true win-win.

We recognize that at times it may not be possible to perform all of your charging at “home base” every night, and that is why we are here. When you need a quick boost, the Greentree Sportsplex has you covered!

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