Leagues & Pick-Up

Pick-Up Soccer Available

Pick-up soccer available on random days and times. (Typically on Thursday, Sundays and Monday nights)
$10/per person – Must prepay and preregister online
Max count: 21 players

*Pick-up Soccer will be on the session schedule in burnt orange, click on the day you would like to attend, register, and purchase a package.


  • Day of the Week: Tuesdays
  • Start Date: Tuesday, July 16th, 2024
  • Number of Games: 8 + 2 playoff games
  • Game Times: 6pm | 7pm | 8pm | 9pm (if we get 10 teams, we will play at 10pm as well)
  • (Teams will rotate start times each week)
  • Minimum on a team: 7 players
  • Maximum on a team: 11 players

Options at registration:

Individual | Free Agent $130/per player

Team Price | New Team: $1,150 – You will create your roster after you register or your teammates can register individually under your team’s name by selecting ‘with a team’ at registration without needing to pay online.

With A Team: If you don’t want to collect a fee from your teammates, you can email your team’s name to k.radd0827@gmail.com, and she will add it to registration and your teammates can select your team’s name and sign up individually, but keep in mind the individual cost is $130.


Co-Ed Soccer League Rules: Effective 10/20/2022  

Have Fun!
– Games run on a 1-hour interval
– Games will be two – 24-minute halves with a two-minute halftime.
– Regular Season games that are tied at full time will result in a tie.
– If there is a tied after a playoff game, there will be a 5-player shootout.

– Ball: A regulation size 5 soccer ball
– Uniform:
   – Numbered uniform shirts are provided to players.  
– Bring uniform and backup light and dark shirt if there is a color conflict.  
-When there is a color conflict between teams, the home team will change uniforms.
– Shin guards: recommended, but play at your own risk.  
– Cleats: No metal cleats. Only soccer cleats, tennis shoes, or indoor turf shoes allowed.

The GreenTree SportsPlex  

Start of Play:
– Mandatory registration 15 minutes prior to each game  
– Visiting team will receive the ball first. At half, the home team will receive the ball.

No offside

Sliding is permitted if no one is around.
Goal keeper is allowed to slide in the box.  

– Games are 6v6 including the keeper
– Games can start with a minimum of 4 players on the field.  
– Teams with not enough players after 15 minutes is considered a forfeit.  
-. Teams shall have a max of 11 players rostered and a minimum of 7 players on roster.
– No more than 3 roster substitutes are allowed per game.  
– No roster add-ons allowed after week 5. Exceptions may be granted if needed at the league manager’s discretion.  
-Only full-time roster players allowed in playoff games.  
Direst Free Kicks:
-Opposing players must be 5 yards from direct free kick, unless taken quickly
– Penalty kicks will be taken from designated penalty kick marks (Center of top of the box).
a)    Kicks or attempts to kick an opponent
b)    Trips or attempts to trip an opponent
c)    Jumps at an opponent
d)    Charges an opponent
e)    Strikes or attempts to strike an opponent
f)    Pushes an opponent
g)    Tackles an opponent
h)    Holds an opponent
i)    Spits at an opponent
j)    Handles the ball deliberately (except for the goalkeeper within his/her own penalty area)

Indirect Free kicks:
– Opposing players must be 2 yards from a kick in from the sidelines
– Opposing players must be 5 yards from indirect free kick unless taken quickly
– Kick ins from the sideline will be indirect (Throw-in)  
– No punts or drop kicks after a goalie possesses the ball (First offence, warning/drop ball)  

a)    Touching the ball again with his or her hands after he or she has released it from possession and before it has touched another player
b)    Touching the ball with his or her hands after it has been deliberately kicked to him or her by a teammate
c)    Touching the ball with his or her hands after he or she has received it directly from a kick-in by a teammate
d)    Plays in a dangerous manner
e)    Prevents the goalkeeper from releasing the ball
f)    Impedes the progress of an opponent
g)    Commits any offense that stops play that does not warrant a direct free kick
h)    Ball touches/hits the ceiling, indirect kick from the spot of the foul for the opposing team.
i)    If your team passes the ball back to the goalie, the goalie can NOT pick the ball up. If a goalie touches the ball with their hand, an indirect kick will result.
*Referees will signal indirect free kicks with one of their arms in the air.  

Cautionable offenses: (yellow cards)  
– Unsporting behavior
– Dissent  
– Persistent infringement
– Delays the restart of play
– Fails to respect the required distance  
– Enters or re-enters the field of play without the referee’s permission
* Subbing on the fly is allowed, no limit to how many subs your team makes.
* Too many players on the field will result in a warning or a caution for multiple offences  
– Deliberately leaves the field of play without the referee’s permission
* Players must substitute from the bench side.  

Ejections: (red cards)  
– Serious foul play
– Violent conduct  
– Spitting at another person  
o    No spitting in the facility. ($50 fine)  
– Denies a goal or an obvious goal scoring opportunity by handing the ball  
– Denies an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by an offence punishable by free kick or penalty kick.
– Offensive language
– Second caution    

*Red cards will result in your team man down (5 players including the goal keeper) for 5 minutes and the player who received the card is disqualified from the game. Player must leave the facility immediately.
*Red Card MAY also result in a fine/suspension/ban. An appeal may be made with the league manager. The player that received the red card and the captain must come to the appeal. If one of them is missing the appeal will not be heard.
* Teams can be suspended or banned from the facility at the discretion on the league manager. Any fighting intentions will result in this.
*A punch being thrown during a game is considered a fighting intention.
*Post-game actions in the parking lot are also in this category.
* Threats are considered in this category as well.

Additional Co-Ed Rule:
*Original Rule – Coed League, it is required that there are 2 female players on the field at all times
If you cannot have 2 females on a field you will have to play with 5 players including the goal keeper, one of which must be a female until you are able to field a full team for the Coed League.
-The most a team can play down is 1 player for the female rule.
-Male and female ratio must be the same on both teams.  

Option/Example 1: Team A doesn’t have enough girls.
Before each game: Team B and the referee can agree to allowing both team A and B to only having one girl on the field at all times, full field.    
Both team captains and the referee must agree to this, for this to be allowed.
If an agreement cannot be made: The original co-ed rule* will stand.

Option/Example 2: Team A has more than 2 girls
Before each game: Both Team captains and Referee can agree to allow girls from Team A to play on Team B to make it even.  
Both team captains and the referee must agree to this, for this to be allowed.
If an agreement cannot be made: The original co-ed rule* will stand.

-Games must be played with females at least 80% of the season.  

– Own goals do not count towards players statistics.
– Goals will be recorded each game for the Golden Boot Award trophy  
– Team with the fewest wins; does not make the playoffs. The two teams with the fewest wins after that, will play against each other for 9th and 10th place. The winning team of this playoff game will not advance to the next round of playoffs.  
– Winning team will receive their team’s name and last name on the championship trophy that is displayed behind the front desk at the GreenTree Sportsplex.  
Treat all referees with respect and understand that they have final say on a call.

– Reduce to equate in effect
– Only full-time roster players allowed in playoff games.  
– If there is a tie after a playoff game, there will be a 5-player shootout.
-Two girls must be listed in first five to kick. If tied after 5 players it will be 1 additional player for each team until a winner is decided.
– Players can only attempt a pk once until all players have kicked. At that point when everyone has gone you may restart the line up from the beginning in the same order as the first time through. The goalie can choose to shoot for their team. The goalie will be the goalie from the end of the regulation play.

Everyone must sign a waiver before each season. If the waiver is not signed then the individual will not play. Waiver is signed online when registering. Substitutes must sign waiver at the front desk before play.  
Payment is due at registration!

Future dates:

Fall League Start Date: Tuesday, October 8th 2024

Winter League Start Date: Friday, January 3rd 2025